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Young´s Seafood AND pure carton, KEEPING THE SEA CLEAN

05.11.2018 - Virgin Fibre Cartonboard, Barriers, Sustainability, Customer Stories

Young’s Seafood´s passion is to inspire people to love fish; therefore, a clean sea is a main priority. Their latest frozen fish meals for the North American markets are now packed in a pure cartonboard with an environmentally friendly freeze-grease barrier instead of using Polyethylene (PE) lamination. Accurate™ Freeze Grease – a product of MMK Eerbeek mill – is grease-resistant, tailor-made for freezing temperatures, a mono-material and recyclable.

Young’s sources fish from five continents and with it, their brand creates 225 million seafood dishes in the UK every year. As the UK’s biggest producer and distributor of frozen, fresh, and chilled seafood, it focusses intensively on responsible sourcing. Their challenge is constantly working on creating a secure and sustainable future for their business, seafood and the planet. As part of the program, called “Fish for Life”, Young’s is striving to reduce the company’s environmental impact. To provide product protection and preservation, as well as optimum environmental sustainability, Accurate™ Freeze Grease is their packaging material. Helen Nickells, Head of Packaging Development of Young’s, explains the company’s quality standards and the reasons why they count on Accurate™ Freeze Grease.

Frozen Fish of Young´s Seafood
for the North American Market is sustainably packed thanks to Accurate™ Freeze Grease



How are „quality“ and „responsible sourcing“ lived at Young’s Seafood?

Everyone at Young’s shares a passion for inspiring people to love fish, and doing it in a responsible, sustainable manner. Put simply, we believe in doing the right thing, now and for generations to come.



Young’s runs the “Fish for Life” responsible sourcing program to improve the company’s impact on the environment. Can you tell us more about it? How does this programme affect packaging?

The Youngs “Fish for Life” is about caring for our people, planet and partners. It’s made up of 5 pillars:

1. By making fish for all – we’re passionate about bringing the tasty virtues of fish to more people and making it easier to enjoy two portions a week.

2. By having a sense of community – our operations touch lives across the globe.  So, it’s our responsibility to treat everyone fairly wherever they work.

3. By sourcing seafood responsibly – The marine environment is fragile. If we don’t source responsibly, we will harm our planet permanently.

4. By looking after the environment – as well as fishing as sustainably as possible, there’s a lot we can do to reduce our impact on the environment.

5. By being honest about what we do and why – building trust is critical. We want everyone to be confident that everything we do has been done for the right reason.

Within our programme, by 2020, we promise to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging by 10 %. And in the future, we’ll aim for 95 % of our packaging to be widely recyclable. Without a healthy environment, we don’t have a produce, so we’re going to work harder than most to keep it safe and sustainable.



Which criteria are most important to you when selecting the packaging material for frozen fish and seafood?

The packaging we choose needs to protect our product through our frozen distribution channels all the way to the end customer, so they arrive in good condition. So our packaging needs to be strong enough to withstand frozen conditions but also be appealing for shoppers to buy our products. What is also important is that the packaging comes from responsibly sourced sources and can easily be recycled.



Young’s has thought extensively about the environmental impact of packaging. Why did you choose cartonboard with freeze grease barrier?

A grease resistant board protects the packaging from any grease staining which could potentially come through onto the front of the package, which would make the pack unattractive to customers. More importantly it would reduce the strength of the package and therefore not protect the product. We also chose Accurate™ Freeze Grease for its strength, which enables us to use less grammage of board for the same stiffness and the boards whiteness which enables our graphics to stand out.

Grimsby, one of Europe’s oldest fishing ports, has been home to Young’s for more than fifty years

Young’s Seafood

Young’s Seafood Limited is the UK’s leading fish and seafood business, inspiring consumers to love fish through its fresh, frozen, own-label and branded products. Proudly making delicious fish dishes for over 200 years, the company is home to the Young’s brand – famous today for making family favourites such as Chip Shop and the UK’s number 1 premium seafood brand, Gastro. Young’s is a leading supplier of seafood to the hospitality industry offering an extensive portfolio of products through its Young’s Foodservice and Kingfrost brands. Proudly British, Young’s International offers its exceptional quality frozen fish and stand out innovation to countries around the world.

Young’s believes in doing the right thing by its people, planet and partners. Through its Fish for Life programme, it is dedicated to doing this in a responsible and sustainable manner that protects the industry and the environment

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