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MM GD 100 from Gernsbach - Now certified FSC®-Recycled!

20.09.2021 - Recycled Cartonboard, Sustainability

Sustainability is a core concept within the MM Group – as is innovation. The investment at the Gernsbach mill that took place in late 2020 will now make possible a cartonboard quality made from 100% recycled waste paper. From now, MM GD 100 can be ordered with the FSC®Recycled Claim (licence number C003336).

100 % recycled and recyclable

The public’s demand for more sustainability in all aspects of everyday life is growing rapidly. MM Board & Paper is responding to this demand through continuous product innovation. Recycled packaging in particular is in heightened demand from consumers. With the highest recycling rate for packaging materials in the EU (85%), cartonboard is the frontrunner. It is not just the recyclability, but the continuous recycling implemented in practice that is essential here. Cartonboard is a prime example of a working circular economy.

The new MM GD 100 range is not only fully recyclable, but also consists of 100% waste paper.This does not however compromise the quality of the cartonboard. Recycled board is not just made from secondary raw materials, usually 5–15% comes from virgin fibres to maintain the stiffness. In order to ensure the stiffness of MM GD 100 without adding virgin fibres, we source the best and strongest recycled fibres. Furthermore, following the investment in Gernsbach, the modern technology now offers the best conditions for the efficient and sustainable production of stable cartonboard.

The FSC®Recycled Claim requires that during the production of each certified quality, no virgin fibres from previous productions are present in the cartonboard sheet. MM Gernsbach has designed the manufacturing process accordingly and is now offering MM GD 100 with the FSC®Recycled Claim.

Fit for the future in Gernsbach

At the Gernsbach mill, known for its focus on recycled cartonboard, the recently carried out invetments have enabled this future-oriented innovation, which makes it possible to achieve high stiffness even without adding virgin fibres.

Additionally, improvements in the surface property of the board qualities were undertaken as well as an increase in production capacity and energy efficiency. The mill is now fully invested for the continuous optimisation of product quality and environmental protection.

MM GD 100 is a perfect addition to the already established Gernsbach qualities and another step towards more sustainability.


Interested? Datasheet and Samples of
MM GD 100 can be found here: