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MMK Cartonboard Barriers the Environmentally Friendly Solution

18.07.2014 - Recycled Cartonboard, Virgin Fibre Cartonboard, Liner, FOODBOARD™, Barriers, Innovations / Investments

Frozen vegetables, convenience food – packaging for greasy and/or moist products normally has a polyethylene lamination (PE lamination). For many of these applications, Mayr-Melnhof Karton is offering an environmentally friendly alternative not involving plastic: cartonboard qualities with barriers.

Taking into account our responsibility towards the environment and coming generations, we have developed an extensive range of specially treated types of cartonboard on a recycled and virgin fibre basis with environmentally neutral barriers. Instead of a lamination with PE foil, we work with the technique of so-called surface preparation. In this process, barriers are applied by means of a size press, e.g. moisture barrier, „Freeze“, or grease barrier, „Grease“. We currently offer the following solutions: 

l Freeze: Cartonboard products, whose layers are sized as a protection against moisture, are called Freeze grades. This cartonboard or liner with moisture barrier is used for chilled or frozen food, fruit crates or yoghurt multipacks.

l Grease: Cartonboard is given a grease barrier to protect the packaging from annoying grease spots and discolourations. Depending on how greasy the product is, the fat-repellent protection is applied either only to the reverse side of the cartonboard or also to the front. This solution is used for cartonboard packaging containing greasy food (e.g. bakery products and confectionery, snacks, fast food, soup cubes), pet food or greasy technical products (e.g. ball bearings).
l Freeze & Grease: These special cartonboard grades combine the technologies of the moisture barrier, „Freeze“, and the grease barrier, „Grease“. This special barrier is suitable for very greasy frozen products such as puff pastry, baked or breaded food.

With regard to converting, our barrier solutions stand out on account of their high functionality and excellent machine performance during finishing and packing, and they therefore guarantee the best printing results and high converting performance. Like all our cartonboard qualities, these special grades are also completely recyclable, bio-degradable and they meet all international packaging guidelines and statutory food regulations.

Consumers, the trade and manufacturers rightfully expect safe, environmentally friendly packaging solutions. The aim now and in the future must be to rely on packaging materials which meet the principles of sustainability – renewable, recyclable/reusable, climate-friendly. Here too, MM Karton is the right partner.

Special Qualities GC (215–450 gsm) GT/GD, LIN (250–500 gsm)
Moisture barriers Accurate™ Freeze (GC2)
Excellent Top™ Freeze (GC2)
Lino™ Freeze (GC2)
Silvaboard™ Freeze (GC2)

Supra™ Freeze (GT2)
Multicolor Mirabell™ Freeze (GD2)
Printa™ Freeze (GD2)
Veno™ Freeze (GD2)
X-Liner aqua-fit™ (Liner)

Grease barriers Optimus Top™ Grease 9–11 (GC1)
Excellent Top™ Grease 5–7 (GC2)

Moisture and grease barriers

Accurate™ Freeze Grease 7–9 / 9–11 (GC2)
Excellent Top™ Freeze Grease 9–11 (GC2)
Lino™ Freeze Grease 7–9 / 9–11 (GC2)