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Drugstore chain dm drogerie markt and FOODBOARD™: Communicating food safety

09.02.2021 - FOODBOARD™, Sustainability, Customer Stories

The drugstore chain dm drogerie markt (dm), as one of the largest and most successful drugstore chains in Europe, creates trust on the store shelves: Our coated recycled barrier quality FOODBOARD™ protects all teas of the private label brand dmBio. The cartons include a branded reference to FOODBOARD™
to emphasise this fact. This label heightens awareness for end user consumers of this
unique cartonboard brand.

Long-term partnership
The drugstore chain dm has already been relying on FOODBOARD™ for several years, for example with their private label brand babylove. As part of the brand relaunch of the dmBio teas, their packaging is now also being converted to our cartonboard with a functional barrier. This clear stance on food safety and a circular economy is being communicated to customers with a reference to FOODBOARD™ on the cartons of dmBio teas. 

A conscious decision
In keeping with the motto “Natürlich lecker erleben” (roughly translated: “a natural taste experience”), dm offers a wide variety of high quality foods under its private label brand dmBio – from beverages to cereals & legumes to nuts and chocolates. The dm company is very concerned with the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, so it uses carefully selected raw materials from certified organic agriculture. This sustainability standard is reflected in the company’s choice of packaging material as well: As a matter of principle, dm uses packaging materials that not only protect food products from the migration of unintended substances (e.g. mineral oils), but is also produced sustainably and can be recycled at the end of its product life.  

Protection from migration 
In total, more than 20 different tea varieties are being converted to FOODBOARD™ packaging. This means the previously used protective cellophane foil is obsolete. The FOODBOARD™ barrier offers comprehensive protection from the impacts of migrating printing inks and substances in the supply-chain environment that could potentially affect the safety of food items during transport, storage and on the store shelf. Since tea also reacts very sensitively to packaging odours, it is all the more important to use a packaging material that preserves the original taste and aroma. FOODBOARD™ does all that without an outer cellophane foil and still guarantees that customers can enjoy the teas without compromising on taste. This makes FOODBOARD™ an ideal packaging solution especially for products like tea with high sensory sensitivity.

“We at dm are extremely concerned with using resources efficiently and conservatively, so that coming generations can enjoy a viable future. With deliberate use of materials and recyclable packaging design, we strive to keep the ecological footprint of all of our processes as small as possible and to be part of a functioning circular economy. A packaging solution made of renewable resources, from sustainable certified forestry, with a recycled portion and recyclable – FOODBOARD™ satisfies all of our requirements and protects products from migration effectively and without undue use of resources. Of course we want our customers to know this as well.”
Dagmar Glatz, specialist for more sustainable packaging for dm-drogerie markt.

dm drogerie Markt Drugstore protects dmBio Tea with Mayr-Melnhof FOODBOARD™ packaging
The tea packages of dm-drogerie markt communicate food safety and
sustainability with a reference to FOODBOARD™.

For companies who want to clearly communicate their commitment to product safety and thereby strengthen consumer trust, and also want to inform authorities about the functional barrier on the store shelf, MMK has prepared a supporting guideline. The FOODBOARD™ CI Guideline contains the most important information on how the FOODBOARD™ logo can be most effectively used on packaging (on-product use). Further information is available upon request from:



Interested? Datasheet and Samples of
FOODBOARD™ can be found here: