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MM BiB-Liner™ – THE liner for bag-in-box solutions

21.11.2017 - Liner, Innovations / Investments

MM BiB-Liner™ is our answer to the growing bag-in-box market: A tailor-made liner, perfect for packaging solutions for liquids or pasty foods. MM BiB-Liner™ also guarantees high stability – thanks to the best BCT values of all white top coated recycled liner qualities.

MM BiB-Liner™: stable and appealing packaging
The BCT value (box compression test) refers to the force a package can absorb and conduct without buckling. The value depends on the ambient humidity and the folding carton’s own humidity, and the material structure. Thanks to a new fibre composition, MM BiB-Liner™ has superb BCT values, so it provides particularly high package stability. With its smooth surface, MM BiB-Liner™ offers ideal conditions for printing and finishing (e.g. foil embossing, UV coating) for individual brand and product messages, and presents packages as attractive “eye-catchers” on the store shelf.

Bag-in-box packaging: hygienic, compact, sustainable
A bag-in-box package (BiB) is an inner bag of foil composite material that is mechanically supported and protected by a corrugated outer carton. The bag-in-box system offers the advantage that no air comes into contact with the liquid to be dispensed. Unlike with bottled liquids, consumers can store wines or juices this way for up to six weeks after opening (without refrigeration). Commonly used bag-in-box volumes are 3, 5 and 10 litre bags. 
Bag-in-box solutions are highly efficient in terms of transport: To minimise storage space requirements and transport costs, the packages are delivered flat. Large product volumes can be moved with low transport volume. Bag-in-box packages are also disposable, and bag and carton can easily be discarded separately. 

The concept of this so-called combination package has been around since antiquity – just think of goat leather wine skins. Inspired by the idea, the Australian Thomas Angove had the bag-in-box package patented as a wine packaging solution in 1965. In the English-speaking regions (New Zealand, Australia, USA), the bag-in-box package is widely used for wine; the lion’s share of wine produced in those countries is marketed in this form. In Europe, Scandinavia and Great Britain are the largest markets for bag-in-box wines, fruit juices (hot filling), and dairy products.

We are looking forward to your enquiries!

MM BiB-Liner™ provides highest stability of bag-in-box packaging
MM BiB-Liner™ provides highest stability of bag-in-box packaging

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