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Natural cartonboard for a natural brand appearance

01.09.2018 - Recycled Cartonboard, Virgin Fibre Cartonboard, Customer Stories

Packaging with a natural look is booming: On the shelf, it draws attention with its natural colours brown, grey, or matte white, or it feels special thanks to its pleasant tactile properties. Particularly for brands who want to emphasise their eco-friendly orientation, this packaging trend is a must. MM Karton scores high marks with its wide range of cartonboard qualities.

Accurate™ Top Natural, GC2, Virgin fibre cartonboard
Supra™ Natural, GT2, Recycled cartonboard

For the Italian folding carton manufacturer Nuceria Adesivi, Accurate™ Top Natural is the material of choice for highlighting the naturalness of the pasta brand Grano Armando by De Matteis on the store shelf. The pasta maker De Matteis has always been committed to reducing its ecological impact by using innovative and environmentally-friendly materials. Accurate™ Top Natural is an expression of practiced sustainability.

Accurate™ Top Natural, like Supra™ Natural, provides a differentiating visual as well as tactile feature on the store shelf with its special matte surface. In the past, this look was achieved by printing on the reverse side of the cartonboard. The Natural qualities by MM Karton are convincing by being printable on the top side and the advantages this brings: fast ink absorption with good colour stability for consistent printing results.

Grano Armando by De Matteis relies on Accurate™ Top Natural

Excellent Top™ Kraft, Coated Kraft, Virgin fibre Kraft cartonboard
Grafopak Kraft™, GT4, Recycled cartonboard
Multicolor Kraft™, GT4, Recycled cartonboard

JOWA, the leading bakery in Switzerland and a wholly owned subsidiary of retailer Migros, is committed to highest quality. JOWA therefore uses Grafopak Kraft™ as packaging material for its wide range of frozen pizza products. Thanks to its very good strength values, lasting stability is guaranteed even in high relative humidity and under chilled and frozen conditions.

Grafopak Kraft™, Excellent Top™ Kraft and Multicolor Kraft™ keep what their name promises: With their high stiff ness values and high volume, they make for a strong brand appearance and excellent product protection. The cartonboard qualities compel with perfect surfaces and remarkable printing properties, and thanks to their sales-promoting brown Kraft reverse sides they communicate a natural premium appearance.

Jowa uses Grafopak Kraft™

Browncolor, UT4, Recycled cartonboard
Excellent Top™ Brown, Uncoated Kraft, Virgin fibre Kraft cartonboard
UD Braun, UD2, Recycled cartonboard

For Nando’s – an international restaurant chain – the take-away packaging made out of Browncolor pays homage to the restaurant’s African roots: The packaging stands out with boldly coloured patterns, punch-outs, and embossing, the back is printed with funny slogans. The naturalness of the packaging material is also emphasised: sustainable, bio-degradable, and recyclable.

Like UD Braun and Excellent Top™ Brown, Browncolor picks up the trend toward brown packaging material: The evenly brown top and reverse sides highlight the natural character, and with its pleasant tactile properties it conveys a “natural” feel. All three qualities have good stiffness and stability values and at the same time offer excellent printing properties.

Nando's has decided on Browncolor

Greyboard, Recycled cartonboard

In Austria, you cannot talk about school writing pads, drawing pads, or notebooks without mentioning the company Format Werk, the country’s largest manufacturer of stationery products for school and office. Format Werk has been using Greyboard from our Hirschwang mill for many years. Gradwohl, a company specialising in advertising and presentation systems, also knows our Greyboard as a strong, reliable quality and uses it for premium displays or folders. 

Greyboard is usually made completely from recycled fibres and has a consistent grey appearance. It provides protection and lasting stability for many everyday objects. Greyboard is produces in the Austrian Hirschwang mill, which is known for its consistent quality and particularly short delivery times (about 3–4 weeks).

Format Werk and Gradwohl give its products stability with Greyboard

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