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FOODBOARD™ preserves product quality

24.05.2016 - FOODBOARD™, Barriers

Besides migration protection, FOODBOARD™ offers additional benefits:

– longer shelf-life for certain packed food.
– slightly grease resistant attributes.
– best protection from organoleptic influences.

FOODBOARD™ preserves the quality of packed food exceptionally reliable.

FOODBOARD™ keeps the original taste and smell

In many fields of application, odour and taste neutrality are one of the central requirements for the cartonboard. Test series of our customers confirm that FOODBOARD™ keeps the original taste and the smell of the food and ensures that the consumer can enjoy them without any physical impairment or loss of taste. External tests (ISEGA certification) confirm the particularly good aroma impermeability of FOODBOARD™. Outstanding values for the sensory assessment of products, exceeding current reference cartonboard products, were also
recorded in extensive long-term series tests. This also makes FOODBOARD™ the best packaging solution for products such as chocolate or tea where the sensory perspective is critical.

FOODBOARD™ maintains the crunchiness and extends the shelf-life

The issue of shelf-life plays an important role in food packaging as it can be decisively extended through the right choice of packaging. FOODBOARD™ assures the best possible atmosphere inside the packaging and provides high-quality product protection. The growth of micro-organisms is strongly limited and oxidisation processes reduced thereby considerably delaying the ageing process. Test results of our customers show that cereals stay crispy for longer, noodles can be enjoyed for longer while quality and freshness are guaranteed for longer.

FOODBOARD™ is slightly grease-resistant

In the case of some greasy food, the choice of the best cartonboard product helps to protect the packaging from annoying grease stains and discolourations. FOODBOARD™ is perfect for bakery products, confectionery, snacks, rice and ensures high-quality presentation of the product at the point of sale.

FOODBOARD™ keeps the original taste and smell of chocolate
FOODBOARD™ maintains the crunchiness
of cereals
FOODBOARD™ ensures with its slightly grease resistant attributes optimal presentation of rice at the point of sale

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