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On the test: FOODBOARD™ successfully passes long-term real-life test

04.04.2016 - FOODBOARD™, Barriers

In close collaboration with leading international consumer goods producers, extensive long-term real-life tests (up to 36 months) have been carried out in a wide variety of food segments since the end of 2011. The results confirm
– the effectiveness of our migration barriers.
– best converting results.
– highest packing line performance

The long-term series tests were conducted using a 5-stage procedure:


Especially sensitive brand products were selected for the tests (cereals with nuts and cinnamon, egg pasta, rice, tea, chocolate, etc.) and the dimensions and corresponding layout of the packaging were defined.


FOODBOARD™ was converted to folding cartons under standard production conditions (printing, die-cutting, finishing, glueing).  


The folding cartons produced were filled on the particular packing line of the consumer goods producer at maximum machine speeds and packed on pallets.


After a transportation test, the food packs were stored under controlled conditions.


Corresponding analyses were carried out on the packed food every 3 months. The analysis period lasted at least 12 months and up to 36 months for selected products. Besides mineral oil compounds, tests were also conducted in the process for other defined unintended substances such as DIPN and phthalates. In total more than 15,000 migration analyses were carried out. In addition, sensory tests were also conducted from consumer goods producers of particularly critical products from a sensory perspective such as tea, cereals, rice and chocolate.


FOODBOARD™ protects against migration
All results document impressively that measurements of food packed with FOODBOARD™ will be in full compliance with the expected mineral oil regulation. At the same time, the current reference grade was also checked in all tests. Here too, the results were as expected: mineral oil analyses show clear cross-contamination from secondary or corrugated board packaging both with virgin fibre and recycled fibre board as a possible source of mineral oil migration. Only a functional barrier can stop migration and will consistently enable to meet the future statutory limits being discussed.

No investment in the adaptation of equipment for converter and consumer good producer
FOODBOARD™ also demonstrated its strengths on the packing lines. The special fibre structure ensures that this new cartonboard grade shows outstanding “runnability”. The use of FOODBOARD™ requires no adjustments to established procedures at converting and packing lines. There is therefore no need to invest in adapting packing machines or in expensive barrier solutions for primary and secondary packaging to prevent migration during transportation, storage and at the point of sale – FOODBOARD™ stands for food safety all along the supply chain.

Processing of FOODBOARD™ under standard production conditions
Filling of the food

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